13 Very Awkward Times Couples Got Caught Having Sex In Public

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26 Jun 2017

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21 Jun 2017

This Groundbreaking Online School Is About To Revolutionize Sex Ed

O.school is a pleasure-centered, shame-free internet classroom.

20 Jun 2017

The Case Of The Clingosaurus Cripple, Part II: Learning To Lower My Own Expectations

"I can?t expect for my able-bodied lovers to give me everything I have ever wanted."

20 Jun 2017

My P(ussy) Is Better Than Your P(atriarchy)!

The case for "cheating back" as a means toward empowering women.

19 Jun 2017

For LGBTQ Survivors, 'Pride' Isn't Always A Source Of Pride

Until the LGBTQ community begins to address the systemic issue of sexual violence, this kind of cultural exclusion will continue.

12 Jun 2017

If You Tell Amazon's Alexa You're 'Feeling Sexy,' It'll 'Set The Mood'

Alexa's got playlists for your "intimate" escapades.

09 Jun 2017

Real-Life Vampire Couple Says Sucking Blood Is Better Than Sex

The man hopes his 3-year-old son eventually chooses the lifestyle.

09 Jun 2017

Trump Appointee In Office Overseeing Sex Ed Programs Is A Major Abstinence Advocate

Valerie Huber has comprehensive sex education advocates scared.

08 Jun 2017

Reporter Is Totally Oblivious To Intense Makeout Sesh Behind Him

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06 Jun 2017

6 Things People Get Totally Wrong About Sex, According To Sex Therapists

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01 Jun 2017

Tops See Their Holes For The First Time

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29 May 2017

Study Confirms That Most American Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

And that conversations about healthy sexual relationships need to start a lot earlier.

19 May 2017

Notes From The Hook-Up Apps: 9 Guys Who Take All The ?Fun? Out Of Them

Dear readers: If you see yourself in any of the following app archetypes, it?s never too late to change.

19 May 2017

Dear Straight Men: Our Anus Doesn't Have A Sexual Orientation!

It can be a very positive experience for both partners.

15 May 2017

Porn Stars Teach 'Advanced' Sex Positions To Moms (NSFW)

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11 May 2017

Kelly Rowland On Sex After Childbirth: 'Let's Get This Party Going"

The singer said it took a while before she was ready to have sex after her baby was born, but with the right support system and communication, she and her husband felt comfortable sexually once again.

11 May 2017

11 Characters Who Are Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You Are

The Book of Joan by Lidia Yuknavitch ?A harrowing and timely entry into the canon of speculative fiction.? A retelling of

03 May 2017

Advice For Those Who Overshare Their Sex Life

Share all you want. Just leave it out of the bedroom!

02 May 2017

Why Being Sexy Has Nothing To Do With Appearance

Sexy is messy, caring, and sudden. It?s not planned or contrived.

27 Apr 2017

What I Learned From My Sexless Marriage

As a woman, I was never taught how to have sex for my own pleasure.

26 Apr 2017

No, You Don't Need To Be Trying For A 'Super Orgasm'

For Allure, by Hayley MacMillen. Whether or not you?ve achieved multiple orgasms in a single sex session (alone or partnered

24 Apr 2017

This Is How Women And Men Really Feel About Period Sex

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20 Apr 2017

29 Tweets That Sum Up The Reality Of Sex After Kids

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19 Apr 2017

Tennis Match Gets Interrupted By Sounds Of Loud Sex Nearby

One of the players shouted back: "It can?t be that good!?

19 Apr 2017

I'm A Queer Little: 10 Things You Should Know

I participate in a subpopulation of leather/kink/BDSM known as ageplay.

13 Apr 2017

7 Signs Your Relationship Will Go The Distance, According To Experts

Couples with staying power have these seven things in common.

13 Apr 2017

I?m a Sex Worker Who Is Sick Of Female Misogyny

If you sh*t on women for making a choice that you didn?t, you're not a feminist.

12 Apr 2017

8 Lies About Sex You Need To Stop Believing, According To Sex Therapists

Sex ed didn't teach you any of this, unfortunately.

11 Apr 2017