1. Face and hair

Touching the eyelids, eyebrows, temples, cheeks and hair can be very intimate. Kiss eyelids, temples and cheeks gently, stroke hair or hold it firmly, but gently during lovemaking. Use your eyelashes to caress your partner's cheeks or neck.

2. Shoulders, hands, arms

Massage or stroke gently - a good zone to start with during seduction and foreplay as stimulation is pleasurable, but not as intimate. The upper limbs respond well to gentle as well as firm pressure. Knead and stroke the fingertips and hands. Then move strokes up the arms towards the shoulders. Firm massage of the shoulder area is great for release of stress and muscle tension. Soft touch and gentle scratching of these areas are intimate and extremely pleasurable.

3. Mouth and lips, earlobes, behind the ear, neck and throat

Nibble, stroke and kiss these areas. Let your breath linger in her neck and over her ear, but avoid heavy breathing into the ear. Alternate light sucking of the lobe with little nibbles. Earrings, if long enough to brush the neck, can be erotically stimulating. Stroke, lick, touch or gently tickle the neck and throat.

4. The armpit

This area is a classical site for kissing. Also try licking or stroking. Touch should be firm to avoid tickling.

5. Fingers, toes and soles

Rub, kiss or suck the fingers and toes. Tickle the soles or apply firm pressure to the instep. Don't neglect the palms when holding hands or during foreplay. Keep fingers interlocked during intercourse. Keep your finger and toenails clean and neatly trimmed to avoid scratching or hurting your female partner during genital stimulation.

6. The upper and the lower back

Massage and stroking of the upper and lower back can be stimulating and very enjoyable. Vary between light and firm pressure, and dry or wet touching. Use massage oil for less friction but remember to clean your hands before applying a condom as the oil will damage the condom. For something different, try using ice cubes or feathers. Hold and stroke the back during woman-on-top or sitting positions.

7. Abdomen and navel

Circular massage or stroking of the abdominal area can be very pleasurable. A plump woman can hold up the skin on each side to simulate a labia. Navels have always grabbed the imagination of lovers - it fits the tongue, big toe, glans or finger and responds well to kissing and licking.

8. Breasts and nipples

Breasts respond well to touch and kissing - take time to explore this highly sensitive area, but handle with care! Stimulate the nipples in circular motions with the tongue tip, fingers or glans, or suck gently like a baby. Brushing nipples with palms or eyelids also work well. Knead and stroke breasts with both hands during foreplay and intercourse. For variation, experiment with chocolate body paint and whipped cream. Intercourse between the breasts is not only erotic, but also a pleasurable form of non-penetrative sex. It works well in different positions: man astride works best with big-breasted women; and woman on top for small-breasted women.

9. Buttocks

The buttocks are a major erogenous zone but is less sensitive than breasts because they contain muscles as well as fat. They need stronger stimulation - try holding, kneading, patting or smacking. In all positions, the muscular movements of coitus stimulate the buttocks. Increase the pleasure by holding the buttocks tightly during intercourse.

10. Inner thighs

Stroking, kissing and licking the soft inner thighs is highly arousing.

11. Genital area

The genitals are made up of a great amount of sexually responsive tissues, of which the clitoris is only the visible tip. The clitoris (which gets its name from the Greek word for "key") has the same number of nerve endings as the penis. Licking, stroking, rubbing and kissing of the clitoris and vulva is the most stimulating sexual experience for most women. However, few women enjoy excessive clitoral emphasis at the start of foreplay. Rather focus on other erogenous zones first. Experiment with positions to ensure that clitoral stimulation is optimum during intercourse. Any movement of the mons pubis transmits sensation to the rest of the genital area. Grasp it or rest the heel of your hand on it while using the fingers on the labia; or cup the whole area (labia and mons pubis) in your palm and fingers.

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